Sunday, February 24, 2013

Carnival Tuesday in Trinidad! with a stranger,
    worry about it later,
    hold on yah partner,
    and jam them bumper....
                                           The voice of one of the Soca artists Super Jigga TC Action, was blaring over the huge black speakers on the big trucks, we followed down the streets of Port of Spain.

We woke up a little bit later than planned, but soon were up with a cup of tea and a lovely home made rusk from home! Margaretha`s mom baked some, and when I took the rusk out of the plastic bag that morning my heart ache a bit!  In the bag was a little white note, with her mother`s handwriting on it, and it said. 'Met liefde, Mamma!" (With love, Mommy!) I took the first bite into this rusk, baked with love, from a mother to a daughter, over many, many miles, and I was allowed to share a bit.
I couldn`t cry a bit, I had to keep my eyes dry for my flashy feathery lashes!

Our girls were excited, and enjoyed the preparations, but also knew that soon our make up will be washed down by the heat of the day. Sandra made sure we are fixed with a lot of glue, to keep our beauty as long as possible.

Alpa, a friend came over with her camera, and took beautiful photos of the group. We were all in Margaretha`s apartment, and you can just imagine all the glitter, all the fun of so many girls, and only Johan and Nick, keeping a watchful eye.

We were bundled into cars, and then into the shuttles, ready for a big day!
It looked like some people didn`t have someone at home to rub a little sun tan lotion on Monday or I helped him out!

The music filled the air, the bodies moved and the colors colored in the streets! It was a cadenza of music, flavors and feathers....


With the bodies wining all around you, it was easy to loose your friends, and some of us hung onto each other!

Humans were parading like peacocks, all feathered and bejewelled, and full of a love for life!

All nations, all shapes and sizes, all ages.....were joined together wearing their band`s costumes..enjoying the conformity!

 ...until the sun set, and then still a little while longer!

Ps. Thank you to Margaretha, our ever so ready Party Planner, Nick and Sandy, from the USA, ex SA, our friends for eight days, Claire the beautiful blonde....and all the others we know and don`t know. Thank you, thank you thank you.....

....and a big PS.   My best friend ever, thanks for living and dreaming with me!


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