Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trinidad experience!

Nick and Sandy still had a couple of days left with us, after all the feather fun, and we showed them Trinidad!

We enjoyed the swimming pool at Margaretha`s apartment, cooling off after a hard day…

Maracas Beach! This was our next stop. The shark and bake was as delicious as always, and it was good just to be under the palm trees for a while.

Doubles of course! How could we not share this taste sensation, of two folds of dough, bathed in a chick pea mix with a touch of mango or tamarindo sauce! Right there on the street we enjoyed the street food, eating with our hands, and then rinsing off the flavor under the tap of the yellow container. Trinni experience! Food shared with great people on the street, tastes exploding in our mouths!

And off course we couldn`t let them miss Peanut Punch! Too much of everything! Peanut butter, a tub full, condensed milk, a whole tin, milk, and just to make sure it is sweet enough, white powdered glucose,  and for the healthy ones, a scoop of granola!  The granola is actually for the left overs the next morning, when you crave that sweet taste again in your fridge! Breakfast!

Marco chose the mango, and afterwards said, it was the best he ever drank!

Too soon our friends of seven days had to go back home….and we are so grateful to our shared friends in SA, Charles and Yolanda…..thank you for sharing friends with friends!

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