Sunday, February 17, 2013

Preparations for Carnival in Trinidad!

Oh this was soo good! I was preparing for the Carnival! Margaretha and I went shopping for make up and eye lashes, and glitter and tiny shorts! I enjoyed every minute of this buying shiny stuff with hundreds of girls. Woohoo!!

We sat together, believe it or not, with a cup of tea to glue our beads, not because they were falling apart, but because we didn`t want to loose only one liittle blue bead!

Shona joined in the fun, and I wished I could sleep with my head piece on, but Johan was afraid he will get hay fever!

Marco stayed close by, listening to our giggling and gossiping and of course planning of the color of the make up for our eyes! This photo is proof that I did feed him, even if it was after the second black toast! Those beads just kept me so busy, you know!


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