Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Still preparing!

....and loving it! 

And now Nick and Sandy our friends of friends whom became our friends while touring through USA last year, visiting them in Kingman, were on their way!

We fetched them at the airport, and took them to our friend, Margarteha`s house, where we were still staying. They met Margaretha via Facebook, because our party planner was organising Carnival for all of us.  Sandy was a wee bit worried about getting into the little black hot pants on Carnival Monday!

We got Nick into his, just in case we would be doing some alterations, but our 'Warrior' was a perfect fit!

On our way dropping them at the Hotel at Peakes Marina, we decided to show them our Catlyn before her new owners are arriving late that night! Still we felt so proud of our beautiful baby, as she was awaitng her new family with new sheets on their bed, and chocolates sweetening them up to her on their bed!   We couldn`t let her go, and stayed until they arrived to share a glass with them, making them feel at home on Catlyn!

And I am sharing our last photo with you, the last one we took with people we grew to love of our Catlyn. The next time we came to her, she would no longer have her name on her....

Seismic Wave! She will be re-named, and we will let her go! But we know that in her soul, and in her balsa a little bit of Catlyn will always be there!

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