Thursday, February 7, 2013

Corrida de Toros!

Santo Domingo Plaza
On our doorstep, they put up the temporary stands for something that was going to happen.  After investigating we found out that there was going to be bull fights a little bit later!

We had mixed feelings!  We were curious to see this event, but on the other hand we didn`t feel like seeing it if it is abusive!  We decided to go two by two`s,  just checking it out. 
It was definitely something to get used to. We didn`t grow up with this, never used animals for our own fun like that, but we sat and enjoyed another nations custom.   I could see the little boys, standing there so excited, watching the bulls, dreaming about being a Matador one day! The young men were trying  to be brave to stay in the ring for as long as possible, but as soon as the bull came in their direction, they would climb up the stands at an incredible speed!

A young man got kicked right in the stomach, another got trampled over, and one bull died….

Apparently the men with the red cloths weren`t real Matadors, but they kept the little town entertained for the whole day!
Johan had a good time, sipping his 12 year old Scottish whiskey, enjoying the feel of the people, the kicked up dust in the air, and the excitement filling the arena!

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