Thursday, February 7, 2013

Leaving Panama and Joe!

It was time!  Hungry to drink up the last bit of time with Joe, we spend two days in Panama City.  We stayed over in the lovely Riviera Hostel, close to a couple of Malls. 
Garden - Riviera Hostel
It has been a long time since Joe`s been shopping, and he had a lot of fun in one of the big shops!  It is still going to be a long time before he will really shop like a normal human being, or is it not normal?

Anyway he enjoyed Marco`s company, driving us crazy! He enjoyed a nice hotel for a change, spending time at the Hard Rock Hotel`s poolside…

It was time! He enjoyed sushi with us, he enjoyed being together with his family! He enjoyed meeting Carlos, from Argentina, getting good info on his country!
He enjoyed spending the last morning with us, having a lovely breakfast in the garden, saying goodbye….
It was time! Joe stayed behind. He will go back to the ‘family’ in Santo Domingo, enjoying the Las Tablas Carnival soon, and then he will be off back packing through South-America!  Follow him on his own blog, if you want to…..

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