Friday, February 1, 2013

Mi Amigos!

I borrowed a blue cowboy hat from my neighbor, and we were all bundled into her car, eight of us, and we were on our way to visit the Canadians in their beach house!
Uguete waved us into her house from the distance, and we walked the newly stoned path way.
They just love their house on the beach with a beautiful view and we loved it with them, having a glass of Clos wine and a Panama beer.
Johan and Joe took a lazy stroll up the hill, enjoying the pelicans soaring over their heads.

Dialis brought her embroidery along, and I enjoyed watching her cross stitching the traditional blouse.
Marco had friends, little Adriane with her angel kisses all over her cheeks, and Cesar, the boy who plays violin! Marco taught them hop scotch on the sand, and they taught him games about paw paws and barking dogs….
After a delicious lunch, Joe needed the hammock….       

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