Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ahoy Pirate!

We left Wallilabou bay with regret. To stay a little while longer, we rowed with the canoes around the bay to the arch, wondering how long it will still be standing against the wind and the waves.

We watched the dilapidated buildings fade in the misty rain, and I wondered. How do you live a life,  build a dream for a couple of years, with the certain knowing that somewhere in the future a hurricane will sweep everything away again, wash it into the ocean? I remember the photos of the previous hurricane, Omar in 2008, only four years ago, with swells of 40ft crashing over this bay. I saw the jetty folded and demolished to only what is left of it now. I saw the restaurant being flooded, the kitchen, a swimming pool, and I wondered… 
Our little pirate bought himself a Pirate bandana, and was swinging and hanging in the shrouds like a true pirate, on the lookout for `trouble`!

Baquia was our next anchorage. Apparently it is one of the  five best honey moon destinations in the world, so I will see! We dropped anchor in the shallow crystal clear water, and walked into town. Immigrations was our first stop, and I found the post office in the same building, at last! I`ve been walking around with my mothers` birthday card and some post cards in my bag since beginning of May, and at last I found a post office! I had to replace the envelope twice, after being showered in the rain on the dinghy.
While relaxing and walking on the beautiful white beach,

while the boys enjoyed the water in the heat, a familiar yacht crept into the bay. Yacht Out of Africa, with John and Jo-Anne!  We went for a cold drink and cookies and exchanged stories!

Moonhole! An isolated community built their houses here among the rocks. It looks as if the houses just grow out of the rocks, no windows, no straight lines or angles. It is not easily accessible, and we sailed passed very slowly to admire this natural beauty. It is defnitely a special vacation for special people!

During late morning we left for Mayreau!  We have been here before and anchored at a very rolly Salt Wistle Bay, this time we sailed passed a very peaceful Salt Whistle Bay to drop anchor at Salina Bay. No one could believe how still all the yachts were in the bay, no swells, no waves crashing like the previous time we`ve been there!

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