Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tyrell Bay.

The bay was filled with a lot of yachts, and we dropped anchor way at the back, for a peaceful sleep.  Johan and Joe went to a bar to find wifi and to check up on our mail. It was happy hour, so they rushed back to fetch Marco and me for a tropical rum punch at Lambie Queen Bar and Restaurant.

We left for Grande Anse, Grenada, and had an awesome sail!  The wind was great and the direction great, and no more tacking like the first time we were sailing around here.

The next morning on this grey day, and after Marco did his schoolwork, Joe and I went for some fresh air and a steep walk up the hill, just to sit and sit some more, watching the yachts coming into the bay, or yachts passing by…just sitting there and being….

The hunger pains got us up and searching for a supermarket, and we found the Foodhall, not too far away. We were low on gas, so we bought bread and cheese and cold meats and yoghurt for lunch and dinner and breakfast. It was still weekend and we hope the fumes will keep us going until Monday in Prickley Bay.
So far so good as we sailed into Prickley Bay, to anchor close to Nauticat to visit our friends, the fumes are still in the gas pipes and the kettle is still boiling. Marco went with Natasha to the movie, shown at Tiki Bar, but they lost interest in Queen Elizabeth and her history, and enjoyed running around on the green lawns with other little ones.  We enjoyed a relaxed evening with John and Denise ( Yacht Nauticat).
Denise and me

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