Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sandy Island.

I saw something quite amazing! A relationship of total symbiosis, total love!  In the pouring rain, a pelican dove for a fish, and a seagull follows its every move. As soon as the pelican pops out of water again the seagull sits right on top of the pelicans` head. And the pelican gulps down the fish, and the seagull are too happy with a bite of leftovers. All the time sitting on top of the big birds head, balancing…

We were careful to put our feet in the water at the back of the yacht. The previous time we non-chalantly did that,and a fish came charging for our feet, biting them! Marco was the first one to try, and unbelievably, the little blue fish appeared, just like a little more than a month ago, and it went charging for the Go Pro camera! If ever you take up a buoy at Sandy Island, pick up the last one south of the bay, closest to the beach, and see if you meet our little fella.

Naughty fish preparing to snack on my heel!

I wish you could see the speed Marco propelled with his flippers and snorkel, rushing to the beach, to get out of our little Fella`s way. We took the dinghy and went ashore, following the boys who followed the girls! They visited old altars, rebuilt their old ones, remembering their friends and family, and build new ones for a new memory!  In a mixture of French and bits of English, they had a great time!

I snorkeled all on my own, leaving everyone behind on Earth, entering the world of the Fish. The sea bed was covered with grass and not a lot of coral, and it was amazing to see the new fish.  I hanged above the peacock flounder, watching him change colors,  swam with the evileye blaasop and then I got lost among the thousands of silvery fish encircling me, becoming a part of their habitat. The snorkel over here was great with no currents or jelly fish stinging me.
After a heavy downpour of rain again, and after giggling at the pelican and the seagull on his head,

Johan and I went snorkeling in these beautiful sparkling blue water. It took quite a bit of persuasion to get Johan from his book, after a lot of persuasion trying to get him to read the amazing trilogy, The girl with the dragon tattoo! Put these on your reading list, and watch the movie as well!


 We reached the northern side of the little sandy island, and in the deeper waters millions of fish surrounded us. There was so many that we couldn`t see the bottom of the ocean, it was just covered in fish! On our slow way back to Catlyn a huge spotted eagle ray circled us twice before he swam away in the darker waters. It  can grow up to 2,5 meters and weigh up to 98kg!

I ended the afternoon in the Spa! I was treated with a salty scrub, softly lifted and touched by the swell of the water, gently cooled by the breeze, and then bronzed in the sun…

...while peeking out from under my hat, keeping a watchfull eye on Catlyn and the muscular guy kite surfing, missing my son, Jaco!

We returned to Catlyn with the sun going to sleep...

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