Saturday, June 23, 2012

Prickley Bay - Grenada

We are on anchor in Prickley Bay for a whole week now, and it is weird to stay in one place for so long. My feet are getting itchy, but that doesn`t sound appropriate anymore. I think my gills are getting dried up, my webs are stuck….we need to sail again!

We are busy on Catlyn,  doing the usual.  Giving her a vinegar bath inside, unpacking all the lockers and giving everything fresh air, the boys  servicing and cleaning the engines, checking for rust.

It makes Catlyn a very lucky girl with all this pampering, maybe if we do it less or stop she will stop doing this to us. Spoiled girl! Just today I saw her  beard starting to grow again on the rubber at the sugar scoop in the water of Grenada.  I thought the water is going to be clean, but it is definitely not! It is definitely not a bay to anchor for a long time! But then again we are a bit spoiled with the cristal clear water of Tabago Cays etc.

We needed some fresh drinking water, although we make water with our Little Wonder. We need to clean the filter every time, and we thought it easier to get water from the Marina. We filled 20 gallons for 6 EC`s, not too bad, but we couldn`t drink it! It tasted like water straight from a very clean swimming pool, just cleaned with a tank of chlorine!
Marco and Natasha

Yacht Nauticat is close by, as well as a couple of other South- African yachts. Natasha came over for a game of Monopoly, and ice cream on the beach. We went to Tiki Bar to listen to the amazing sounds of new Dimensions Steel Pan Band.

 I stood there among them, in awe with the sounds of the pans.  We spend the evening chatting and dancing away!

But we were itchy!  We sailed to Secret Bay, Hog island  for a Sunday on the beach.

 We found the most authentic beach bar in the whole of our travels, right on the beach. Loads of people, yachties and locals sheltered under the leeking roof,

but no one seem to notice with the local rum flowing. 

 I am sure all the yachties enjoyed the fresh shower pouring down on us! The kids swam in the sea while the rain was pouring, chasing each other. 

We slept in Secret bay for the night, but lifted anchor the next morning  to reach Prickley Bay, where Marco can write his exams ( Maths).

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