Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Union Island

Clifton Harbour

We had to clear out of St. Vincent and we headed for  Clifton Harbour, Union Island! It is a lovely town, with lots of bars and restaurants,

and of course, some good scoops of ice cream,

just quite overcrowded with all the charter yachts. 

Joe grabbed the opportunity to play in the waves on the reef, coming back with a couple of thorns from a nasty sea urchin! We stayed a little while for Internet, just to be touched  by the world outside again. And then we left…

The little island of Petit St. Vincent,  was on our list. It is a very quiet and exclusive resort, owned by a couple who sailed to the Caribbean, and who dreamt about owning their own island and building a hotel.  It is a breathtaking resort, with stone cottages hidden away from all.

If you need room service, you hoist the green flag, and the red for, do not disturb! 

Imagine… fantasize… close your eyes, and take a deep breath….!  Are you here with me? Can you hear the wind? Can you feel the heat of the sun in the air? Now…can you smell the soothing oils of jasmine, lemon grass? And then the hands touching you, soft, rubbing the oils. You relax. You only feel. You only breathe…

For a moment you spend with me in the Spa, I thank you…

At sunset, we walked the beach, enjoying the hammock and the white of the sand, 

meeting a German women on charter for a week. And she asked Marco if he likes being on a yacht, because she would like to bring her 8 year old son for a week charter next year, and she is concerned whether he would enjoy being without his computer and TV etc?  Her jaw dropped, when Marco told her, that this is not a week charter, this is his home, almost for three years. It is his home, his school, his playground, his life at sea!
Catlyn at anchor in background

We went over to the charter catamaran, and met the two young South-Africans, Andre and Liezl, enjoying their first week at work in the Caribbean.  We spoke in our own language, loving it!

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