Monday, June 11, 2012

Clearing in - Grenada

We sailed past Petit St Martinique, on our way to Carriacou, Hillsborough. It is a little town with over a hundred rum shops, and only one gasoline station!  Johan had to clear in his crew, while we walked the street of this little town.

We found a supermarket with fresh bread (ZAR 21), and eggs for ZAR 36 a dozen, and down the street we found caramel popcorn.

The clouds were dark and heavy, and soon we had to run back to the dinghy. We reached Catlyn almost in time, and lifted anchor for Sandy Island.

 The rain was pouring down, we couldn`t even see this little island. I collected 30 liters of drinking water and my bath tub was full of washing water for tomorrow! I do hope the sun will shine. Late afternoon when it stopped raining, we grabbed the chance to walk the island.

We saw the little altars we built a little bit more than a month ago with my family, and with Jangles` girls. We miss them all!

We were secured on a buoy, and we double checked it, because the wind was still very strong. I almost crashed my baby toe today, when it landed between the line and the cleat! It is such a little toe, to be squashed by a line with the weight of a yacht on the other side! Luckily Joe came to my little toe`s rescue, and relieved the pressure of the line, so I could free my toe!

Sandy Island is a lucky island! The previous time, the boys had the two girls from Yacht Jangles to themselves, and now there was a charter catamaran, Namaste, full of girls close to us! They dropped their mom and dad, and took the dinghy to the boat with the girls! We could hear their laughter deep into the night, singing and dancing and enjoying the evening with five new friends from St. Martinique! Tomorrow they will be having a beach birthday with the girls!

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