Friday, June 1, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean!

Wallilabou, St Vincent! No I am not speaking another foreign language, it is the name of the quaint little bay we anchored to show Marco the set of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie!
As soon as we sailed into the bay, it was as if little Marco became our little pirate!

 We missed this little bay the previous time we sailed, with my family, and we made sure to pop in this time! A couple of locals already invite you into the bay, to pick up a buoy for 20EC$.  If you have dinner at the restaurant you will be refunded though.

It was a new experience to be helped by a line handler, tying us to one of the old weathered jetty poles astern, and fastened to a buoy on the bow! We were accompanied by other yachts in this little bay.

It was still dry season in the Caribbean, and it was pouring! It didn`t dampen or rather soaked our spirits and we dropped the dinghy to venture the island of the pirates!  It was as if we could still see the three hanged men dangling from the natural arch, and another noose waiting…

Image from movie

The restaurant is filled with memorabilia from the movie,

and a room is filled with photos, screen sheets, job sheets and we felt a part of this movie in the making. 

 Marco ended up in a coffin, but was saved by a good pirate!

A fat brown toad still keeps an eye on everything, watching the canons some real and some made out of plastic or fiberglass.

The boys found four little puppies in a cage, and it took a lot of explaining from my side.  Marco wanted to adopt one right there and then, calling him Debb, after Johnny Depp!

Johan went to the small Customs  Office situated in the old movie building, and manned every day between 17h00 and 18h00.  Due to the rain the office opened a little bit later.

The boys didn`t mind, and the sat down in a very dusty dark room, with an old sheet, once a crisp white, against the wall. They sat in the hard wooden upright chairs, with a Sprite in the hand, whisked back to the adventures of the Pirates, watching through the folds of the sheet, dodging the bats every now and then…

Our evening ended on the French charter yacht from Martinique, with the three families aboard for a ten day holiday!

We shared our story while sharing a bit of their lives, and sharing their `apperatives` and drinks!  A Skipper from the Charter company with his Naval wife, a Gendamarie husband with his wife, a mother, and an attractive French man with his  beautiful model wife out of Africa, and the children on holiday.  We said good bye, and left with the lovely baguettes and cheese!

Only the next morning I looked at the cheese, and smiled when I read the package! Comte it said, and then it said, Affine dans le Jura! And next to the writing a beautiful picture of the green fields and blue sky! To a lot of you it won`t make any sense, but to me? Jura Lands is the name of our farm in South-Africa, calling us home….

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