Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tobago Cays.

We had to try again! It was windy and rolley the previous time, and we didn`t enjoy the snorkeling. As soon as Catlyn was safe, we dropped the dinghy, and geared up for a morning snorkeling in the water! It was beautiful!  We saw a huge eel, a sea snake curling through the coral, huge variety of fish and beautiful coral!

Marco did some school in between, and after lunch we will be in the water again.

 We were stung by tiny jelly fish, and it burnt like hell for a couple of seconds, and then it is gone until the next see through jelly like creature brush past you again.

 It was wonderful swimming among the turtles, watching them gracefully in the water, nibbling on sea grass. The boys followed them, loving their world. The beaches are white and pristine, and we climbed the hills. Tobago Cays is model islands. It doesn`t matter from which angle you take a photo, it is gorgeous.

It was some kind of long weekend, so we were forced to stay another day in Tobago Cays!  We loved it, snorkeling, basking in the sun with the iguanas,

feeding the sea gulls, listening to the pigeons in the trees….

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