Saturday, September 1, 2012

Time stands still!

We are on vacation! You must be grinning, because isn`t that what we were doing now for three years? It is vacation, because we are not looking after our yacht every minute of the day anymore! We close the door of our condo, without checking the anchor, without securing all the port holes. We walk off and enjoy the streets, each time discovering something new.

The Cathedrals are plenty, and each and everyone is absolutley worth a visit, at only about 1US$ per person. I am not allowed to take photos in the cathedrals, and maybe we can download some photos for you. We went into the La Compania Church, and the Primada de Quito (1535), and many more not so prominent ones.

USD 1.50 for a bunch of roses

Out on the streets we love to buy their food, their fruit and I was spoilt with the most beautiful white roses! Ecuador is an important exporter of roses, which I wasn`t aware of.

We did go to the big Malls again, and I couldn`t resist the temptation to go into the Zara shop. Luckily Johan was with me, and of course he wouldn`t let me get out of the fittingroom without a whole bag full of lovely stuff!

 Last Sunday we sat at the Grande Plaza, listening to their local music, with their guitars and zapoena flutes, and the people were dancing next to the big Cathedral. See below a YouTube video of one of the Group Antara we listened to.....

Monday was really special, when we went to the Presidential Palace, to watch the change of the guards. Sometimes the President is around, and we were lucky! He walked out on the balcony and waved to the people! We were standing on one of the Cathedrals` balconies, and when he looked our way, he couldn`t miss the white of our skins and my hair, and he smiled and gave us a big wave! We will be going again, next Monday, because it is so beautiful and interesting with the orchestra and the horses and the guard.

 Marco loved the police dogs, and hugged their soft bodies. People are gathering and voice their opinions to the President. What a wonderful way of reaching your President, absolutly the power of freedom of speech! Proudly, the people stood there, and they sang their anthem, while their flag was hoisted! I looked at all of this, and I looked at the way they are treasuring everything that was part of their history, and I wished my country did the same. They didn`t destroy what was in the past, although they also experienced hardship, and pain and slavery, they treasure it as their heritage!

And so the days go by, and in the afternoons, I sit on our little balcony, watching the people go by, loving the sun on my skin. I know the two women with the black hair, coming down the hill with their clients, I know the old lady in the opposite building who is feeding the doves, but chase them away with the bottle of water spray. I know the old man, who lives next to us, also coming out on his balcony, looking for the heat of the sun. And when the blind man comes down the cobblestone road, I know it is almost time for the sun to disappear behind the mountain hill, and for me to go inside.

Ecuador Traditional Music

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