Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spanish at Locations!

The day before Xmas we left Valle Escondido and moved into the house/hostel of the Spanish school at the River. We could pick and choose where to sleep, with the four bedrooms, sleep 8! But we didn`t bother too much about that or unpacking, because it was the 24th, and Marco and me got our Xmas tree ready, and I still had to wrap all the presents!

Johan and the others were planning the dinner and preparing in the little kitchen. Chocolates and more chocolates! A very sweet Xmas we had, and the sweetness of being together and the sweetness of our sharing filled the room, and lit up the candles on the shelf!

To all our followers, and especially the new ones,
..... our wish for all of you ,
..... for this festival of Love, kindness to all,
..... kindness to the one sitting next to you, because you do not know the battle that person is fighting.

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