Friday, January 25, 2013

La Playa – Uverito

Everyone was sniffing and coughing, and we missed the Big blue so badly. Joe organized us a taxi to take us to the fresh air and salty Pacific Ocean, and half an hour later Marco was flying his kite, a gift from Diavellis. Already he felt better!

We played in the warm water, and I made sure to dunk Marco`s head under the water many times, and we realized how much we missed the Ocean.

We walked down the long black beach, and we knew within a couple of days we’ll be back on Catlyn!  Catlyn? Oh dear, that is another story…

I don`t want to think about that already!

So we ended our day with good food! We chose one of the three restaurants, and were surprised by a huge fish on Joe`s plate, for only 9US$!  Good food, good people, a good life!

Here's a video Joe quickly put together to give you a feel of Panama; our adventure on the Quetzalles trail, christmas in Boquette and the Thousand Polleras Festival in Las Tabals.


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