Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life at Gamboa Morro

It is already a week that we`ve been anchored at Gamboa de Morro. The cold fronts sweeping through give us grey skies and little rain, with every now and then a sun shiny day. We would actually love some hard showers, because our tanks are running low, and it is not so nice washing in a basin every morning and evening. It is just difficult to get that human smell of in that little water. We don`t want to run the water maker, because the water is still the brown seawater close to the rivers. There is very little pollution over here, but for now we are on a survival course.

In between Marco is trying to fit his exam in with his very busy schedule with his two friends. They play endlessly and every night just after dinner, Marco, so exhausted battles to stay awake. On Saturday they played soccer with little Brazilian boys, and our team, Bafana French Bafana had an awesome battle on the sand with Brazil. Hano, I know you just love the Brazilian Soccer team, but you would have been proud of this new South-African team! We missed you on the side line with a vuvuzela!

Marco got his first birthday invitation. Gataine from Grainedo, turned 9, and we had to go shopping. No `Toys r Us` or `Reggies` close by, we had to settle for clay and a big bar of chocolate! Luckily living on a boat for 6 months now, even make a packet of nice smelling clay a great present.

We bought some blue crabs and boiled them pink, and Johan did his magic with a red curry to treat our taste buds. Delicious! Michelle from Grainedo found some fresh oysters, and we started the morning with white wine and oysters. It was good, but allow me to say, that so far no oysters beat the ones in Knysna (S.A.)

Ps. I am craving a big packet of Lays Chips, the balsamic flavor. I imagine myself sitting in my chair in my favorite sunny spot in George, crunching down a whole big packet. My word, even writing about it, fills my mouth with saliva!

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