Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cabadelo / Jacare Village

After sailing in a nice light wind for a while,  the wind died down and we had to motor almost all the way to Cabadelo. It was already dark when we sailed into the well lit canal of Cabadelo.  We were so lucky when a big barge came past us into the canal showing us the way.  For the first time we saw a massive dredger monstering in the sea and heaving out the sand and landing it on the barges.  I am sure Port Owen Yacht Club will be delighted to borrow one of these babies for their shallow entrance! It is only going to take one scoop!  The wind was quite chilly while I was standing on the fore deck looking out for our Skipper.  I was so glad the tide was in our favor,  and I think it will be impossible to enter the canal or the river with an outgoing tide.  Night was falling as we entered the river,  but this wide river was easy to sail,  and soon we saw the lights and then the masts of some boats.  We dropped anchor behind them all,  and settle in for a good sleep.
Marco could hardly fall asleep,  because he saw the boat of his friends on Grainedo,  and was already dreaming about playing with them for the whole day!

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dmmbruce said...

I greatly enjoy your blog, thanks for it.

One puzzle I have is how do you know where to go next? Recife is a well known big place, but how did you think of Cabadello, or know to go right up to Jacare?

You must have a very good sailing guide or be incredibly good at reading charts!