Thursday, June 30, 2011


We decided to stay for a day or so at Pernambuco Yacht Club for 25 Reals a day, first day free.  The other Yacht Club (Cabanga) charges 110 Reals per day. See Noonsite for more information. After Marco finished his exams for the term,  we took the yacht clubs` ferryboat at 10 Reals per person to the bus terminals.

 It was Sunday and by now we know that most of the shops will be closed,  so we headed for Recife Shopping.  We arrived there at  about 10h30,  with the Mall still closed.  Luckily it opened at 12h00 and the shops at 13h00,  and the two boys were delighted to spend the time in Mc Donalds.

 I shopped for new linen because after 6 months at sea our salty sweaty bodies have stained the sheets.  It was a buzz of people in the Mall because of their Brazilian holidays,  and we were soon a part of this never-ending energy stream.  With a pressure cooker and a liquidizer under each arm we had enough and took a taxi home.  The guy from the taxi asked us where we were from,  and was totally shocked when he heard we come from South-Africa.  Why are we not black or not negroes?

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