Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yacht Club Bahia

We decided to stay at this beautiful Yacht Club for the three days, no charge, and enjoy being close to the swimming pool, sauna and spa. We endured the rolly sea at night because we had still so much to do. Not only did we have to go into Salvador for all the spare parts, glue and tools for our engine, but the boys had fun at the gym and pool tables too.

Johan and I took the bus into town, in search for a socket with a long extension to reach the bolts on the engine, and Sika Flex 1A to fasten the rubber boot, and lock tight for the nuts. Johan was prepared with his notes full of `Google` translations and the search began. After asking a couple of shopkeepers for a `socket`, we were directed to a plumbing and electrical shop. It didn`t make a lot of sense to us to find our socket there, but in Brasils` shops, there are no surprises. The shopkeeper was eagerly searching for our socket, not wanting to let us down. He searched among a lot of light switches and plugs. For a moment I thought that this shop must be quite messy if he is going to find our socket there. With a big smile he approached. In his hand he held a wall socket! So much for Google translations! One word with so many meanings, when you don`t have a clue about the language. Thank goodness, he didn`t take out his glass eye! At least our two day search started with a giggle.

I`ll spare you the story of the blisters on our feet, the despair in languages, the amusement in our sign languages and the old Portuguese man with the Italian surname, who couldn`t understand us, but who gave us his cellphone number for help. I`m just thinking, if it wasn`t for our hands to help us communicate, how is he going to be able to see me over the cellphone?

At last we stumbled into the area with all the `ferramentas` (tools) shops. We had hope! In this street we sure will find what we are looking for. At the very last shop in the street, just before closing time, we found our Allen Key Sockets. We couldn`t find Sika Flex 1A Plus anywhere and had to take their advice to settle for an epoxy product which the big ships are using…I reckon, if it is good enough for them, it must be good enough for us. To all sailors who are planning to sail to Salvador, please take note of this street name. If you are going to need some lock tight and don`t want to settle for super glue, take down this street name and save yourself the blisters. The area is Calcada, and the street name is Rua Barao de Gotegipe!

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