Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fort Orange / Itamaraca Island

A local at Recife told us about this anchorage,  very popular with the Recife weekend yachties,  and not to be missed.  When we left Recife early morning,  this was where we were headed.  We had a lovely sail with the screecher bulging in a light wind.  We soon spotted Fort Orange at the entrance of the river and carefully our Skipper steered us through the shallow waters and in between the submerged rocks. We anchored in front of the Marina de Itamaraca. About 20 miles north of Recife.

The beach was filled with umbrellas and yellow and red plastic chairs and it got us into the holiday feeling.

After sipping Marco`s cocktails,  Marksaucies,  on deck,  we dropped the dinghy and the boys swam ashore.  The Praia de Orange Hotel is beautiful with a lovely swimming pool and internet facilities,  but we enjoyed the freedom of the white sandy beach instead.

 Apparently the "peixe-boi" (river cow) (Manatee) are protected and bred in this river,  but we weren`t lucky to see this amazing animal. 

After a good nights` sleep with the rain filling our water tanks we left for Cabadello.

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