Monday, June 20, 2011

Ready to go!

We are stocked and ready to leave Itaparica!  It is amazing to experience the excitement and adrenaline pumping through the veins of Catlyn`s crew.  Yesterday we filled up her water belly at the jetty for only 10 reals,  and today we did the last shopping at the Bompreco.  I was cleaning for the last couple of days.  This morning I took Veronique from Grainedo`s advise and with the alcohol bottle in one hand I tackled the mold spots.  I felt like taking a sip or a sniff here and there,  but to my delight the dark spots vanished.   I will keep a close eye on them, though.
We said our good byes to the friends we made on land, and to the three South-African yachts in Itaparica.  They will soon start following us north,  so we will meet again somewhere.
Our next `planned` destination is Recife,  but I will keep you posted as soon as the technology is available again.  Be safe...

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Janlie said...

Pragtige foto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!