Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mould / Mildew

It is such a tough enemy, you spell it two different ways...`homophone`...and it has another name, mildew!  The only mould I knew,  growing up on the dry Highveld in S.A,  was when I forgot my sandwiches in my bin over a weekend,  and were greenly greated on a Monday morning,  with a very upset mother,  swearing she will never make me sandwiches again...
Living on a boat this slowly creeping funghi became a part of my daily life.  Flying into our boat with their microscopic spores, we are infested!  I read that they can lie dormant for years,  until one of the conditions, temperature,  humidity or air flow turns into their favour. One single microscopic cell can grow an astounding half a mile within 24 hours,  and if the conditions are great this thing can grow up to 200 miles within 48 hours!  Oh my,  and Catlyn is only 40 feet!
When still building the boat I remember nagging Rudi from Maverick for a smooth finish on the inside of the bulks,  and every time I ran my hands along the walls or ceiling,  I nagged more when it wasn`t smooth enough.  I am so glad I did,  because these tiny black creatures even appear on this smoother ripple paint finish,  and I have to use a soft long bristle brush to wash them down.
Very little is mildew proof. Joe`s bamboo hat and my Mr. Price woven place mats,  thick deck chair cushions are to their liking.  Johan`s leather shoes ( especially packed for Brazils` Customs)  landed in the rubbish bin at Bahia!  My cupboards in the heads aren`t ventilated and the stuffy smell in there tells me I have guests.
I know penicillin comes from mildew,  and now I know that Lovastatin,  the cholestrol lowering drug are also made from it!  Maybe I must stop fighting it with my bleach bottle and start sniffing them...for health reasons you know!


veronique said...

Hi Marlene,
We totally share your mold issue as we are fighting the same problem we use alcohol instead of bleach with more success. Alcohol can be found very easily in Brazil in gel or liquid with high degree, we can make promises but it keep mold away for some time.
Good luck and see you soon
Veronique from Grainedo

anriette said...

lief julle xox