Thursday, June 30, 2011


The holding ground at Pernambuco was great although in the strong tide we set the anchor drag on the Garmin GPS.  We decided to rather walk from the Yacht Club next to the beaches to the buses today and use the 40Reals for ice cream.

  We wanted to visit Olinda,  the first capital of Brazil according to the locals,  a 16th century little town and today a historical monument.

 We were enchanted by the colorful colonial town and snooped around in the galleries and shops. 

The original lace work from Olinda is exquisite and the crochet hammocks stole my heart.  We couldn`t resist entertaining ourselves with the dummies all over,  and soon the tourist group around were joining in the fun.

 I ended my walk up the hill in the Cathedral of the 16th century,  Alto de Se,  and said a prayer for you.  And the boys ended their walk sipping on an ice cold coconut!

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