Thursday, June 2, 2011

Exploring Morro de Sao Paulo

We anchored close to the jetty of Gamboa de Morro, and went ashore for the day exploring our new environment. The boys were looking forward to a day among people, hopefully some English tourists on the very popular beaches. We decided to walk to Morro de Sao Paolo.

What a walk! It was a walk trusting the guts of four people. About two hours later, although it felt like more, and none of us own a watch anymore, so we can`t really tell, walking through muddy spots and sometimes deep water, then sand again, we tried to follow in the tracks of the tractors.

By the way, there are no cars or any other vehicles on this island, only the odd tractor with a wagon as transport. We finally came to an opening in the forest and we could see the blue of the ocean. At last! Standing on top of a very steep hill with many stairs going straight down, we overlooked the palm forests and the little town laced with the white sand and spotted with the colorful umbrellas. Morro de Sao Paolo!

Walking down Beach 2 and Beach 3, people were inviting us into their beach bars and restaurants. We gave into the temptation sitting with our feet in the sand, having mouthwatering grilled `vermelho` fish and lobster.

After too much food we needed the chill of the water and the towels on the sand. Refusing to walk back, we took the ferry to Gamboa and after a long day, it was home, sweet home!

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Janlie said...

Wow julle almal lyk so goed!!!!Lekker jaloers op daai tans. Spierwit hier inie koue.hehe.