Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caring for two yachts!

Busy, busy! It is much nicer living like water people, than it is to live like land people. I am way too close to everything that just occupy my mind and keep my body busy. In the early mornings we spend some time getting Catlyn empty and organised to lock her up for three months or so, and the rest of the day we fill and organise Andando. Inbetween is a walk of about 1,5km with a load as heavy as your arms can hold. I got the solution for catching a ride though. All the time we`ve been walking, but all the cars just drove past. Yesterday with our arms stretching under the load, a man stopped and saved us the walk. I still wonder? Was it my new sexy straw cowboy hat, or was it Johans` very sore gout wobbly knee?

We are planning to sail away on Monday. We catch the taxi to the town, for 5TT$ (R5.00) per person, and real African style, just holding your breath for a while, they drop you somewhere. At first we went to the lovely Waterpark Mall, but we enjoy the town much more with the buzz and flavor of the local people. I bought a new camera, pocket size Kodak Easyshare Sport for 900TT$ because I dropped our very expensive Canon something in Suriname, and I was totally lost without one.

Today we are filling the gas bottles for the long trip. We ordered some big cans for extra diesel and fresh water. The diesel is so cheap over here, we want to fill up and take whatever we can.

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Brenda said...

How plans change! Have you been able to get Catlyn's engine repaired satisfactorily or does it have to wait until you return??? Journey blessings to you all as you venture out on Andando.
Brenda and Riaan Cilliers
s/v Island Khaya
Store Bay, Tobago