Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good Bye Suriname and Friends

The current pushed us out  of the Suriname river. We passed one of many barges filled with sand, probably for all the road works going on. ( I hope a bit will land on the Brownsberg area)

We sat down at dawn at our table to enjoy the remaining tub of delicious ice cream from last night (Peter brought) . While the cool sweetness filled our bellies we thought about a beautiful evening we had last night. We invited our rescue angels from the Brownsberg saga, Peter, Eline, Aude and Cyril to say thank you. Yacht Tika and Out of Africa showed them their yachts and then they all came to Catlyn for dinner.  Peter surprised us with the lovely tubs of ice cream, and we enjoyed it with the traditional family recipe of lemon meringue I baked. Luckily after Joe`s potent punch and all the snacks and two of the three tubs of ice cream, one of them were left untouched in our freezer!

We said good bye, knowing that we will meet again some day...just living our lives!
From Left Front : Joe, John, Eline, Peter, Claud, Marlene, Jo-Anne
From Left Back : Aude, Cyril, Marco, Rolf, Johan

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