Thursday, September 22, 2011


A lot of things happened in a very short time since my last blog!

Catlyn is safe on the hard, high up in the air and we are rubbing and scrubbing and cleaning off all the rust with my vinegar bottle. Marco is the happiest crew member with a total of nine friends from all the boats, running around and having fun.

Yacht Andando! This is the new Maverick laying in Coral Cove, Trinidad, and I would like to introduce you to her, because for the next two months you are going to hear a lot about her. She is the second most beautiful boat in the world, and her owner is awaiting her in New Zealand. We found her abandoned, and my mother instinct took control of my body, seeing this lovely boat in the water. Before we really knew what happened, what started of as a joke among our family changed into serious discussions. Three days later we are proud and excited to say that our family will sail Andando to New Zealand within the next couple of days!

This is double trouble! We are rubbing and scrubbing two boats now! The two previous crew members, Martin and Jaco are lending a hand.  Johan fixed some problems and are still running around trying to keep a jealous Catlyn happy on the one side, and a neglegted Andando on the other side. Patiently I am awaiting my turn...

Andandos' launch a few months ago :

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