Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To our Followers ....

Thank you for giving me the inspiration to write this blog… I thought it to be a memoir for my old age, but your participation and your face on the right hand side of the blog, , and your comments gave it a whole new reason. I thank you…

Mike asked a question: “How do you know where to go, and what to do?”

Mike, as soon as you get onto your yacht and start sailing the Big Blue, a lot of things fall into place  in the Universe,  to give the people living so close together, and so close to Nature the best time of their lives!

The wind , the sun, the moon and stars accompany you all the way, and with the man-made charts on the Raymarine E80 we know where it is safe to go, and setting the auto pilot makes our lives so much easier. Just to double check, we also rely on our handheld, Garmin.

Before we sail into a direction, we download info about the area, the anchorages, the Customs and Immigration formalities.  A lot is available from a website Noonsite and cruising guides. We also visit and read other cruisers blogs similar to ours. We often visit wiki files for sailors example : xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Click here).

As soon as we hit a town, we enjoy going to the local shops and talking to the local people. Usually they are so eager to introduce us to their town and country. The tour operators and tourist info centers are loaded with brochures and free advise.

But maybe the biggest supply of info is the closest bar where all the yachties get together for a beer. Being a bunch of people who have to help and rely on each other, they can’t wait to share their stories and adventures. Everyone copies info about the next port or country, charts, pilotage, movies, music, whatever….  We help each other make our lives easier! When someone has a problem with an impeller or a pump or whatever, you will find all the men gathering trying to solve the problem, bringing spanners or wire to help. If an engine puffs white smoke they’ll see to a solution or if it puffs black smoke they’ll start looking worried together…

And of course it is the “gypsy blood’ flowing blue and salty in our veins! We will get onto a bus and just enjoy the unexpected given by the trip. Or we will rent a car, and just hit a road and wait for the day to unfold. Or we will start walking for miles, allowing ourselves to live only that moment, as if nothing else exists!

PS. To all our followers…I share our lives with you in so many detail. Please let us know who you are and share a little bit of your life. 

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