Friday, September 9, 2011

Store Bay, Tobago

Boats we met along our travels were awaiting us in StoreBay. Apparently it is the safest bay around, especially when the hurricanes are blowing.  We anchored safely and after lunch went over to say hallo to Yacht Iza. We counted a total of seven South-African yachts in this bay, all catamarans! Hey, what is happening in my country back there?  Marco went children shopping, and found a boat with two boys, the American yacht, Eclipse!  Joe is still hoping to meet beautiful bikini girls soon…  it is Sunday, so the town is sleeping, and we will explore it tomorrow!

It is Joes` born day, and we woke him with tea and chocolate chip cookies, one of his many favorites, and Marco enticed him to the balloon filled saloon!  He enjoyed a letter from his grandmother, skype with his brother and sister and sexy aunts and feeling special the whole day. We went out for lunch at Capaninas, for mouthwatering huge pizzas and a full tummy was just the best present we could give Joe!

Wednesday morning, 7th September we took a taxi to Scarborough.  All the cars with the registration plate starting with a `P` is private cars, but will stop and give you a lift for a fee.  The taxi`s registration plates start with a `H`. Luckily John from the Internet CafĂ© told us to only pay 12$TT, that is about R14, and nothing more!  We did but because we definitely look like tourist in a dark environment, we were asked 12US$.  Quite a difference, don`t you think?  We went to Immigrations and Customs to get stamped out to Trinidad. We almost had a problem, because we left the boys at home, and now they were asking for them. Thank goodness the friendly guy let us go with a smile.

As usual on our departure day, Catlyn was starting to drag this morning, and we knew it was time to go. We lifted anchor and we were on our way to Trinidad!

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