Saturday, September 3, 2011


Domburg anchorage

We lifted anchor this morning, and it was time to go! Suriname was good to us, and we could stay for longer, but our port engine really needs a doctor now!

Domburg was a lovely safe anchorage with great holding, and a very moderate current. The couple of eating houses serve great  and inexpensive food, and the small market and little shops are good enough to buy the things you need. Wi-fi is available from the internet shop for 10 Euros per week. I used the water from the river for my dishes and my washing machine. I only kept the whites separate for the water in the tank. The boys spoiled me every other night with a bath tub filled with brownish river water.  I enjoyed it with my glass of wine, but the bubble bath didn’t bubble! I heard that fresh water is available from a fish factory close by. If you need to fill up fuel, the gas station is at Domburg, where you can fill up your jerry cans. Our 9,5kg gas bottle was empty, and we gave it to Rita`s who organized the fill up, and we paid, 18Euros. (much better than the 32Euros in Brazil)

It is an easy country to travel, with the bi-lingual assistants at the Tourist Info, the signage all along the roads and the helpful people.  The roads aren`t too good at certain places as you`ve read, but I saw a lot of road works happening.

If you are in the area, and you have the time, you can spend a little at Suriname!

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