Friday, September 9, 2011


We had a great sail with the wind averaging between 10 and 15 knots all the way to Trinidad.During our sail a huge Guard ship came up behind us, out of the blue in the blue, and if you are sailing a little boat like ours, it is quite intimidating and a slight shock when one of those big ships just close up on you. They asked us to stay clear of 4 nm to the West because of Seismic cabling. They warned us of seismic activity.  We could see some more ships in that direction.

My night shift was between 00h00 and 04h00 and we were circled by big Guard ships three times during my shift.  Was it because of the work on the Seismic cable, or because of the State of Emergency in Trinidad? Either way I felt so safe with these big ships all around me…

We arrived at Trinidad around 07hoo, an hour too early, and the tide was against us. We slowly moved forward, but it was so beautiful sailing in peace and calm between these green hills popping out of the sea, after a couple of dolphins played around Catlyn. 

 The tide turned and we sped forward, and soon reached Chaguaramas.  It is really a monstrous hospital for a lot of sick boats! I`ve never seen something like this before.  Poor Elliot Basin in SA,  is smaller than one ship yard. We radioed our friends, Grainedo already somewhere, and picked up a mooring.  We were just one of many boats, small, big, monstrous cargo ships, old and new waiting on the doctors` list.

 Chaguaramas sunset from Catlyns deck

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