Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trinidad and the area.

We are in Trinidad already for a couple of days now,did the usual Customs and Immigration, the first day, conveniently close by all the Ship Yards and buoys, and it only took a couple of minutes. We found a HI-LO Supermarket for all our basic needs and a sweet bit more.  I still can`t get used to the big ships laying in the same bay as us, and moving around us. Sometimes their growling engines are quite intimidating, and sometimes when one of those big ones is heading for us, I pathetically hang on to a fender!

We contacted two ship yards, Peakes and Power Boats, the only ones equipped to haul out Catlyn`s voluptious`derierre`. Power Boats are full, and Peakes promised to squeeze us in asap. Johan contacted the Yanmar Dealer, a very professional guy, to handle the inspection and repair of our sick engine. There is a couple of well equipped marine shops, and if they do not have the stock, they offer to order immediately. No import duties and taxes are payable on any imported spare parts and shipp stuff! Clever country! They boost their own marine economy!
Aboard all is good! Marco started with his exams yesterday and wrote Economics this morning. I came to the conclusion that he might not be that clever, but because he is always in such an extreme hurry to get to play, he studies very quickly and knows to do well to please his teacher.

Johan, Joe and myself, we are trying to get to the `to do list`, but new `to do` things keep popping up! Yacht Grainedo is out on the hard, and my dear girlfriend, Veronique, is very `femininely` busy scrubbing down the anti-fouling.  Soon I will do the same, and I really hope there will be some cosmetic value in all the grime!

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