Saturday, September 17, 2011

Peakes Yachts Services

We were up and ready to take Catlyn to Peakes. Everything went so smooth with all the help on land, and soon Catlyn was strapped with yellow bands across her belly, safely attached and checked by the diver.  I remember hauling her out in South-Africa, and holding your breath, because they don`t use a diver to check underneath your boat, they just hope for the best! The spiderlike trolley lift lifted her gently out of the water, and the men with the pressure water were ready!

She wasn`t very dirty. I am sure all the rubbing and scrubbing every time we beached her, helped a lot! While they were cleaning her, life still goes on, and Marco finished his maths paper. Trust me, it was not because he is such a dedicated student! On land he had 4 friends waiting for him, and who is going to let an exam paper interfere with the poor social life of a yacht kid?

Very slowly we were moved with another trolley to our location, up an isle with many boats.

 Catlyn was squeezed into a corner, and after a cup of coffee, we started cleaning off the red river stains.  Oxilic Acid works like a dream, and with a gin and tonic break every now and then, Catlyn didn`t seem so huge anymore.

But it was wierd to be up in the air on dry land after so many months being waterborne! I kept on feeling Catlyn swaying..or was it the tonic? When I woke up during the dark night, and came into the saloon, I got such a fright to see another boats` bow in Catlyns window! Did we drag? What is this boat doing so close? A thousand scary thoughts entered my mind in seconds, before I remembered, we were on dry land, high up in the air!

The boys and I went for a shower to Peakes facilities, and just stood under the hot water running down our bodies. I couldn`t get my brain to lift my hand to turn the water down....I just couldn`t. For weeks we couldn`t use our sick engine anymore to heat up the water in Catlyn, and never do you open a tap full blast anyway, and never do you stand and close your eyes to enjoy the feeling of water running down your body.

It is me and the mozzies again! With lots of rain, high humidity, standing water....the females are smiling when they see me walking by, and I can feel their eyes following me.Their biological clocks are ticking, smelling the warm blue blood in my veins...tonight!

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Pro Yacht Deliveries said...

Hi Marlene Landlocked for a while I see.More tonic for the mozzies and more gin for the tonic.Trust things are all good in Trinidad and waiting forn your next adventure.