Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunsail – a cowboy at sea!

Rodney bay St Lucia

We left Rodney Bay very early, and sailed passed the island.  As soon as we hit the open sea on our way to St Vincent, the wind and the swells picked up. I think since we sailed the Caribbean Sea, it was our best sail.
Garmin Trip Reader at some point

 I sat on my favorite chair as usual, watching out for fish traps when I saw a Sunsail catamaran approaching slightly off our port side. While keeping an eye on the catamaran,  I was amazed that it wasn`t flying any sails, while we were flying the main and the genoa for an exhilarating sail with the wind blowing 20 -25 knots on the beam.  My skipper came outside and together we watched the catamaran getting closer but still safely on our port side, a good safe distance from Catlyn.  But all of a sudden, the yacht turned straight into our course, right in front of us.  What were they doing?  Are they in trouble?  We rushed to bring down some sails to break our speed in the big swells, still not understanding the motives of the `Skipper` right in front of us. He passed our bow, just to turn straight for our starboard side again, and riding the swells like a man on a big horse, he turned the yacht to pass us at the stern!  We were stunned at the new rules of the road for this Sunsail Skipper, chartering this catamaran,  with three bikini girls sunbathing in the overcast day in the cockpit! We watched him behind us,  the dinghy riding up against the yacht, dangling in the big swells on a very strong line!  If Sunsail Charters only knew what happens to their pride and joy, or maybe they know…  Maybe that is why you can pick up an old charter catamaran for below market prices!

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