Friday, September 21, 2012

A day to Cotacachi!

It was Sunday and not as busy as yesterday, but the buzz of the town was still very much alive. We love to go to the town squares on Sundays, where the people gather with some life music and ice cream.

 A band was playing, and again I was enchanted by the people. Otavalo was filled with its people, most of them dressed in their traditional wear.

The mothers carrying their babies on their backs, or if it is not a baby, it is anything else that needed to be moved!

We were craving the cakes in their pastelles shops, and after consideration of about three and a half minutes, we bought a lovely orange sponge cake for 3US$.

 Marco spoilt us with a fire in our fire place, and we only missed the sherry with the sweetness of the cream on the cake!

The next morning after breakfast, we took a taxi to Cotacachi, for 5US$, the leather town. A lot of the shops were closed, but still there were so many, that we couldn`t believe the variety of leather ware!
If you would love a leather jacket, or handbag or boots, this is the place to be! Marco didn`t enjoy this town as much, and got bored with all the shops. It was good, but quiet.

The town lacked the vibe of Otavalo, and soon we were heading back for it!

We took the bus for 25 cents, and again the ride was great!

This morning after our nice breakfast with fresh fruit juice, a bowl of fruit, bread rolls and eggs, we were ready to go back to Quito. we had to leave Otavalo!

Again we took the bus, and we realised that it was a good way of traveling around Ecuador. About two hours later we reached Quito, and as we climbed the sixty odd steps to our condo, it almost felt like home!

Cotacachi Wikipedia Link

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