Thursday, September 13, 2012


If you are planning to visit Otavalo, make sure that you are there over the weekend. We woke up early the Saturday morning, because we wanted to go to the Animal Market.

The people are already gathering and bringing their animals to the market at 06h00. Pigs are on blue leashes, cows on red ones, and the odd horse are also around. 

Women and men are showing off their animals, selling the eleven little pigs to someone.

 It smells like being on a farm, and it sounds like it too, when the pig on its leash are creating havoc, trying to break free from his new owner.

Only the lamas with their long necks, and the alpacas are standing timidly, waiting to go to a new owner.

all like sheep ......

The chickens made sure not to miss any action, while they stretch their long necks through the crates, to see who is buying all the yellow chicks, or the fluffy baby geese.

It was not only food that was sold. I saw the guinea pigs, squeezing together in a corner, for some warmth in the early morning cold, with the snow white on the top of the volcano in the distance.

But after a while the two women were bickering over the prize of the guinea pigs, as she turned each one over, looking for a couple of fat ones for the grill, for 3US$.

 Luckily the long ear doggy, was not their for the cooking pots!

On the hill, the huge silver pots were already simmering, and I had to walk passed it quickly, to avoid the smell on my empty stomache. People were having a hearty breakfast of lungs and other unidentified things, filling up the pots, and a huge pig with eggs on rice!

For some reason, I didn`t feel like breakfast...

But I enjoyed watching the animals and people, doing this together!

We walked back to our hotel, hoping to be hungry for our own breakfast in a while, after rinsing off all the dust!


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