Monday, September 24, 2012

Puerto Lopez, Ecuador.

Cathy, our friend which we met during our Atlantic crossing in St. Helena, is from Chile, and she told us about this little town. Puerto Lopez will be our next stop. Again I loved traveling in the bus, because I could sit back and enjoy the scenery, while Marco fell asleep on my lap. It is so easy to travel with the buses, you can buy tickets in advance at the office, or you can just get onto the bus, and the conducter will collect your money. We paid 3,50US$ per person.

Almost three hours later, passing many little towns next to the sea, we reached this dusty little town. At one of the little towns, our bus just stopped, and a little boy ran up with his bundle of fresh fish to sell!

The coastal road is beautiful, and I was glad we decided not to travel during the night. I think it is safer to travel during the day as well, although, this trip was also without us feeling insecure at any time.

We got off the bus, and was bombarded by the taxis immediately, trying to take us to our hotel.

Local Taxis in Puerto Lopez

But we knew by now, that these little towns are so small, you can`t get lost, and with asking around, you will quickly find your hotel. It was tempting to get into the quite taxis, though!

Main Street in Puerto Lopez
We walked the dusty dirt streets, and saw our hotel. We booked it through for two nights, but the hotel we saw did look slighly different from the outside.

With a little bit of Spanish communication problems, we realised that they were not aware of our booking, and defnitely not about us staying for two nights. They could help us with a room where eight people could sleep in, but tomorrow we had to be out! The room was not too good, but we stayed for the night, and jumped around under the shower to make sure one of the drops will find you. It was a noisy night! Somewhere in the middle of the night, interupting all the dogs of the town, someone started having his own Kareoke show!

According to our booking through, breakfast was included, but not according to the staff, and we paid another 2.50 US$ for two slices of bread, a juice and a coffee.

Marco had to write his Maths paper, and we sat down next to the pool, to get that over and done with!


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