Saturday, September 22, 2012

Virgen de El Panecillo, Quito, Ecuador.

Since we came to Quito, I saw this beautiful statue high up the hill! I wanted to go there! But not by bus or by taxi, I wanted to climb there! Just after breakfast Johan and I went for a walk to warm up a bit. Our condo is quite cold, as it doesn`t get any sun, and every day I have to go out to warm up my body! Unfortunately for Johan he saw the steps, and that was it!

All of a sudden she looked even higher than I thought, and even higher from down here. But Johan was adament that today was going to be the day! Looking up, I knew it was going to be tough, and I decided to count all the steps. We didn`t take a stroll uphill, we were serious! Nine hundred and nineteen steps later, at a serious angle, we reached the top! We were standing at the feet of the Virgin! It is defnitely worth the sweat to climb the steps. I pretended to admire the view every now and then just to catch my breath!

She was beautiful, and we climbed even more steps, higher up into the Statue, after we paid the fee of 1US$ per person. The view was breathtaking! We even saw a little house full of smoke, as it started to burn down in the distance.  After a while it was filled with red tongues of flames, and we could see people trying to kill the fire. After a while we heard the Fire trucks and their sirens, chasing to this little building, fearing for the fire to spread.  We watched them kill the fire with the water hoses, wrecking what was left. We stood there, high up the hill with the smell of the smoke filling our nostrils.

After the breather we started going down! It was not as tough as going up.We remembered some more steps during our journey! We remembered the Tiger Cave Temple in Thailand in 2008, with its 1300 and something steps.

Tiger Temple, Krabi, Thailand

Marco (2008) still so small, but leading Joe and Dad.

Janlie (our daughter) still trying to get to the top!

We remembered the Jacobs Ladder in St. Helena on our Atlantic crossing with Catlyn in 2011, with about seven hundred steps!

Jacob`s Ladder, St. Helena. (2011)
This is not going to be our last steps....

Photo taken from the Virgin Statue with Quito in background

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