Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy bornday Joe !

Today, twenty years ago, I was touched by a little boys` soul, when he opened his foxy brown eyes in this World. And today twenty years later, I am still touched by his foxy brown eyes. I look back so grateful for being a part of his life!

You`ve met Joe over this past three years, and maybe he touched your life too, or maybe you touched his. I spoke to him a week ago, still walking the walk, and he told me another one of his many stories!

He was at a little town, looking for food again. This time he found a buffet! The Barn Restaurant, Groseclose, VA...popular to the Appalachian Trail Hikers.

Random Photo from Internet of The Barn Restaurant during busy season

He hasn`t seen so much food in a very long time, and he sat there eating from 11 o`clock the morning to three o` clock the afternoon! Every time a concerned waiter asked him if he was ok, he just waved them away, telling them that he was waiting for someone! That someone never pitched, of course but he made sure he ate for her too! He walked out into daylight, but couldn`t go further than the pavement with his stuffed tummy! Another hour later, he managed to get up, to start hiking again! He was ready for another week with little food!

And then he came to another little town, about a week later, and he bought the food he would eat for the next week. He slowly walked passed this ice cream shop, but didn`t have any money left to buy the huge peanut and caramel sugar cone ice cream, for 4US$! He couldn`t stop staring through the window, his mouth watering, but he picked up his back pack, and started walking. This women came towards him with a big smile, and her blonde hair waving, and she asked him if he was walking the Appalachian? When he nodded, she asked him the next question. "Are you perhaps Sailboat, everyone is talking about?" He laughed and nodded at hearing his nick name on the trail. She wanted a photo with him! Of course he agreed, but told her, he would do that for one of those ice creams! Joe smiled with this women, and he hugged and kissed her away, with his peanut and caramel sugar cone in his hand!

Happy born day Joe, and keep on touching people!


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