Saturday, September 29, 2012


Montanita was our next stop! It is a little beach town, full of surfers, and we loved the vibe of this little town on the beach! It is only a couple of streets wide, but full of energy, with people of all nations! As soon as we set foot in this little town, a guy came up to us, to take us to a hotel. because of our previous experiences with booking through the internet, we decided not to do advance bookings any more!

 For some reason the photos on the Net doesn`t quite look like the ones we get to. We were scared we would end up some place like the above! We followed him, passing a lot of hotels and hostels, and we knew we will get a bed to sleep in tonight. The hotel was brand new, and right on the beach, and when I walked into the room, and opened the window, I could smell the ocean and the only sound I could hear was the breaking of the waves. It reminded me of my home, and we decided to spend the next days in this orange and green hotel. We paid 25US$ for a room for the three of us.

If you can`t sleep in the noise of the night, it is a good idea to get a hotel on the beach!

Johan really loved this town, with the streets filled with all kinds of restaurants and little shops.

The food on the streets we found better than those of the restaurants, though. Because of this community, the police are very relaxed and turn a blind eye where needed. At night the girl walk with a tray of 'dagga-cookies' to pay for her bed at the hostel. A family with twin boys, sell their jewellery and deserts, just as long as they can live in this beautiful little town!

We found Joe`s mermaid on the beach, and spend the day with a long Pilsener on the white sand.

The Pilsener made us spend  a little while too long, as we turned too pink is the sun! We cooled down with a tray of sushi, twenty pieces for 10US$!

We spotted this blue bus, and I remembered my blue VW bus in SA,  and  we thought this one might be our next wheels.

After three days, we left with the smart Liebertad bus, to Guayaquil. The bus was almost empty with only a couple of foreigners on the check seats, and even less locals. And for the first time, on this grand bus, we saw an incident! A blonde young Russian girl was sitting infront of Marco and me, and she was texting and surfing on her smart cellphone all the time! After some time, she fell asleep, and the guy infront of her, tried to snitch her red little handbag she placed on the seat next to her! Luckily she woke up, and she scared him with her screams! The bus stopped immediately, and the conductor of the bus, escorted the two guys who was sitting infront of her, out of the bus!

We reached Guayaquil when it was getting dark, and after getting into a taxi, the lady took us to a hotel! It was a four star hotel, and after being spoiled with the cheap hotels and hostels along the coast, we spoiled ourselves with a room with a bath, for 54US$! I was in heaven! For the first time in seven months I got soaked again! Thank you, thank you, thank you....,_Ecuador

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