Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Exploring a bit of Ecuador!

We packed our three back packs, and took a taxi to the 'Norte' to get onto a bus to Otavalo! The taxi saw us coming, and of course told us about the accident somewhere, and he took us almost 7US$ later to the right spot to catch our bus. It is always so difficult, if you can`t help yourself in a foreign language. I am learning Spanish at a speed, but to confront a taxi driver is not part of my limited lexicon.

It was so easy to get onto the bus, and for 2US$ per person, we were excited. We read a lot of blogs warning us against the dangers on a bus, and to keep all your goodies close to you. We enjoyed the bus, Marco napping on my lap, and Johan sinking back in the soft chairs, and no people shuffling around you for a space. The bus was clean and roomy, and at every corner where we stopped, some people hopped on to sell us ice cream, or water or something to eat. I did keep my handbag with all our valuable stuff on my lap, and during the two hours drive we never felt insecure.

We reached Otavalo, somewhere in the mountains, and with a couple of questions we reached our lovely hotel, Acoma.

We had the suite for three people, with a clean bathroom and a little kitchenette with hardly any cutlery.

I couldn`t wait to go to the wellknown Market. It was absolutly everything I read and hoped for. We snooped around the whole afternoon just enjoying the colorful merchandise.

Food is every where and so inexpensive and I could understand why the Hotel didn`t bother with cutlery. During our stay, we enjoyed the hotels` lovely breakfast, and for lunch and dinner, we bought local food, like the Tilapia and rest for 4US$, or Double Hamburgers for 2US$! (including fritos and salad).

We enjoyed the town, and it felt like I was sharing something of another era. The majority of people are still wearing their traditional wear, the women, their navy blue wrap around long skirts, and beautiful hand embroidered blouses with gold beads around their necks. I bought some of their traditional black shoes of course.The young girls are still wearing this, and it is even worn as school uniformes. We saw the men in their white 'pantelones' with their white shoes and ponchos, and black felt hats! It was beautiful!

The people are so friendly, and enjoyed us, trying to help ouselves with our little bit of Spanish. But we are defnitely getting better. Marco still couldn`t believe how tiny this people were! This photo is with an old women and her husband walking down the street, with Johan and Marco passing them.

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