Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mitad del Mundo...the middle of Earth!

We were back home again! This is how it felt when we walked into our condo in Quito! We could have a hearty meal of Johan`s good chicken and veggies, after all the fries and hamburgers on the road!

On our way back to our condo, we passed a new Mall, we haven`t been to in the South! The next day we left Marco home, in the hope that he will study for his last exam paper, Science!  We found a delicious cheese cake and cappucino`s!


I have told you some time ago about our friend (Renna) we met in the Kingman, USA in January. She is an American, but when she visited my country SA, she kept the two words, 'leka, leka!' which mean something like..'good, good!", just much better and with much more energy.... When we found this ice cream parlour...she came to our minds!

We left the Mall, and I was stunned at the women sitting on the square, teaching other women their skills! It was needle work, nail art, hairdressing, and confectionery, and many more! I thought about my country, and wished that we could sit down with each other, teaching each other skills....sharing our expertise, but...

The next day we went to the square again of Quito, just to sit in the warm sun, and to listen to the music, and just to watch the people go by... We sat on a bench, and I saw these two young boys, with their dirty black polish hands, polishing the two people`s boots!

In Ecuador, it is against the law to beg, you have to do or sell something to get a bit of money, and two little boys like many others polish your shoes!

With his clean black boots, the man leaned over, and greeted us, and wanted to know where we came from. It is always a surprise to hear some English in Ecuador, but he was a big man, and didn`t look like a true Ecuadorian. Indeed he was, we met Tony, and his wife Isabel, a Peruvian! We couldn`t stop talking, and ended up making an appointment to meet each other at the middle of Earth!


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