Monday, September 24, 2012

Still Puerto Lopez.

Puerto Lopez Beach

Bar Restaurants alongside the Beach
We found a place to stay for the night, some hostel with clean beds and a lovely shower, and a communal kitchen for coffee! An Ecuadorian family is looking after this place, and we felt welcome. the internet was not too great, but if you lay in the hammock in the garden it was better!

While strolling the dusty roads, we bumped into an Italian! He moved to Puerto Lopez ten years ago, and he bundled us into his 'wheels with a steering wheel', and Marco and I was hanging on for dear life while he drove us through the streets! He took us up the hill, and showed us the house he built for guest, staying for some time.

 It is really a lovely house, and a lot of people can sleep inside or in the hammocks. He charges only 600US$ a month, or 60US$ a day.  What a character!

We miss the sea so much, and when we saw the billboard of Wiston Churchill at the end of the street, we decided to go out on a boat to watch the baline whales the next day. We paid the 20US$ per person, and were looking forward to get onto the Big Blue tomorrow.

That night we slept better, waking up by the crow in the back yard, and the turkey. I still wonder if he was there for Xmas?

Morning activity - Fishing boats

The next morning we met the rest of the tourists for the whale trip, and we were off to the Ocean. We saw quite a lot of whales. It was just a pity that the Skipper, opened the two 75hp engines and charged at such a speed towards the whales that they dove immediately. While we were on Catlyn, we always switched off the engines, even the depth sounder, and we would softly approached the whales, sharing their company, sailing quiet alongside them.We were lucky to see five huge whales on their way, ignoring us, and only when the Skipper went right infront of them did they dove and disappear. Marco and I were sitting on the deck of this little baot, and we could see the big whale diving right underneath us. For a moment we held our breaths, will he dive deep enough?

Snorkeling on our way back.

We were just in time to reach land, to catch our bus to Montanita! The guy in Manta at the hotel told us about this little town, that is worth a visit!

The Bus .... we were tempted to use !!!

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