Friday, October 12, 2012

Birthday boys` month!

Marco is having his born day on the 30th of October, and true to our family`s tradition we celebrate the whole month! We will spoil him with little treats, his favorite food, the right to choose what to do....special things for a whole month!

After visiting so many museums and cathedrals and churches with us, he asked if we could go to the Mall in Cuenca to play ten pin bowling! We did take two and a half hours to get there, cricling the whole of Cuenca! This we did not because we thought of taking another tour bus, it was because we relied on Johan telling us to get onto nr.7 bus, not knowing that there were a blue 7 and a red 7!

I will let the shoes tell you about the fun we had!


And the game zone we visited with our baby, growing up so fast to a whole twelve this month!


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