Monday, October 22, 2012

Cusco, our next destination!

Before we went to the bus, we had time to go to Huaca Pucllana ruins in Lima! It was closed on a Monday, but the guard sneaked us in for a quick look. It was amazing standing in front of these "buildings" of so many years ago. The people building this even allowed for seismic occurrences, but then the Chileans invaded Lima and a lot was destroyed.

Tombs at the bottom right
After enjoying the markets and getting spoiled with a beautiful piece of the Peruvian silver jewellery, made with the colorful shells,

 we set off to Cruz del Sur bus station. I was impressed! It is much bigger as the one in Piura and looked like a small airport terminal, with gates and baggage claims and cafeteria!

We got onto our Suite bus, with only about 36 leather lazy boys to kick back in. The only thing missing was tiny hands giving me a foot massage! Marco was entertained after receiving his ear phones and watching all the movies. He loved the Bingo, concentrating very hard to open the windows on the card, with the lady calling out the `nombres` in Spanish!

 The scenery changed from arid desert to the huge Andes Mountains. I watched the sun set, pink and purple over the nothingness of the desert, in a touchable beauty! Peace came over a harsh land, as it grew darker.

We received dinner, not the best but as good as it gets in an airplane as well, and for some reason I am always hungry on an airplane, and the bus was just the same! The men had chicken, and I ordered the vegetarian, which was really not too bad.  We flattened our lazy boys to the max, but the big man in front of me, started snoring straight away! No matter how hard I kicked him from behind, he hardly changed his tune until the sun came up the next morning. We were running late because of a serious accident high up the mountains, and the buses were queuing. Johan counted about 30 buses standing in line!

The scenery was amazing! Huge majestic mountains with white tips, and strong rivers far beneath us with lamas and alpacas grazing, was what we woke up to!

We could feel the excitement stirring deep within us! But I didn`t feel so good! My hands and feet were puffy, and when Marco woke up he laughed at my `fat Alien Face!` I think the altitude got to me, and I got all the symptoms. I had an incredible head ache, I felt nauseous, I was puffy and short of breath, and Johan's` eyes grew wide when my lips turned blue! But nothing was going to stop me, and I knew I just needed a good sleep, and a hot shower....

Cusco, the Capital of the Incas, was filled with little mud houses all over, and we passed them with the taxi, on our way to a very homey hostel!


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