Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mitad del Mundo!

We were on a bus to meet the two people we met on the square a day before! By now we thought we sussed out the buses, but we realised we did not! After asking two people, and the conductor of this green bus, if this bus will be going to Ophelia Bus station, we squeezed in! But Johan was nervous! His intuition was on red alert! And alas... After about an hour on the bus, we were starting to go the wrong way! Now we had to get off this bus. We did and searched for the first Internet shop, to find a phone to let poor Tony know that we are lost! It was already eleven, when we were supposed to meet them, and we were still somewhere! But Tony insisted that they will wait for us...

And did they wait! We hopped onto another bus, and then a second one, and eventually, we decided to go for a taxi! He took us to the right place, and an hour later, we saw Isabel sitting on the sidewalk! Boy, were we glad to see their familiar faces!

We got onto a bus with them and enjoyed the peaceful ride to Mitad del Mundo! This is exactly the middle of the Earth! We were starving as well as Tony and Isabel, after our hectic morning, and we headed for the first restaurant for food!

Only now could we appreciate the beauty and the wonder of where we were.We climbed the stairs to the top, and Marco stood in the Northern hemisphere and I stood in the south!

We walked through all the museums and curious shops, and all of us got a turn to step onto the scale! On this spot, you weigh at least three pounds less than your actual weight, and for the first time, none of us, hesitated for a moment to step onto the scale! Even an egg stood upright here....can you believe that?

I was excited because I think I am going to replace my costume for the Trinidad Carnival next year! I think this one is going to be a little bit more breezy in that heat!

We left the middle of Earth, and rubbed the bull, and we went with Tony and Isabel to their home! What a beautiful place we shared with them. It was wonderful to sit on their couch, sipping a glass of red wine...feeling home....

Tony bought us humitas, their traditional corn mix in a banana leaf, and Marco and I chewed on the leaf, before Tony laughed and told us only to eat the inside!

Thank you to new angels on our path, we will see you soon!

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