Friday, October 5, 2012

Enjoying Banos on a shiva!

Starving we found a good place to have breakfast, the Coco pan, where we met a wonderful lady serving us, who is actually living in Spain with her son. The bread was freshly baked, and the marmelade homestyle....and the coffee freshly brewed! We are still not eating the plate of rice with the two fried eggs on top of it, Ecuadorian style!

I won`t mind the sweet stuff they are making right there in the streets, rolling the sweets around the hook, slamming it around until it is warm and soft, ready to set in a very hard chewy and flavory sweet. That is something that I could eat for breakfast!

We were booked for a three hour tour, on a shiva! It was picking us up at our hostel, and Marco was anxious for yet another exciting day. It was shivering cold sitting in the back, but Johan fetched my thick beany from Otavalo, and I was good to go! We passed beautiful waterfalls, and stopped at one of them where a shaky yellow basket was waiting for us. We got into the basket, for 1,50 per person, and enjoyed the wobbly ride over the river high up in the air.

We drove on to more waterfalls, the next one even more prettier than the first. At a black rock we stopped, and our Spanish Guide showed us the face of Senor Christo! And right underneath, silver rocks were protruding, and he said, that it is believed that when you touch the silver rocks, you can make a wish! I went over, and touched the silver of the rocks underneath Senor Christos` face.....and I closed my eyes to make my wish....

I stood there. And I realised that I am living a life of wishes.... How could I make a wish? Here I was standing, living a wishful life....and I lifted my head up to the black rock face, and I thanked the Universe for my life filled with wishes....thank you, thank you, thank you!

We got onto the shiva again, and our next stop was at a tower. "Would we like to go 'canopy' over the river to the other side?" Someone asked in Spanish, and in my broken Spanish it sounded like an amazing thing to do. But you have to know, that I don`t get onto a roller coaster, I cried when the kids took me on the baby super tube...  And now before I knew what I was doing, Johan got me strapped up, with a helmet on my head, and I was pushed down on a table with my feet in the air! The guy told me, to hang onto the little gate, while they strap Johan in, and beneath me, was nothing! A big nothing! What did I do? But it was too late, they opened the little gate, gave us a hell of a push, and there we went! I hanged onto Johans` hand, and I could hear myself scream! After a while, I realised I was still alive, and I closed my mouth, and wow! It was beautiful and exciting and everything together, hanging there in mid air! Marco made a video with my little camera, watching his parents flew by.


With my knees still wobbling from the adrenaline rush, we drove to the last waterfall, Maya, and I enjoyed the peace in Nature after my breathless adventure. It was a beautiful walk down the mountain, looking up at the waterfall tumbling down. The tour ended with the fifth waterfall for the time, and we enjoyed homemade ice cream, and a bowl of their 'mixta' (beans and corn slightly cooked with a bit of salsa and vinegar)

The shiva took us back to our hostel. But we weren`t done for this day....


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